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Premier Babycare pride ourselves on leading the way with Baby Products aimed at making life that little bit easier for parents and carers when caring for baby.

Premier Babycare distribute our products under the well renouned Babytec brand of Nursery goods including Bottle Warmers, Bottle Sterilisers, Autofade Bedside lamp, Breast Pumps and a wide range of baby accessories that offer high-tec design combined with safe and reliable performance to support today's busy parents.

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Babytec Autofade Bedside Lamp

Babytec Autofade Bedside Lamp

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This Babytec Autofade Bedside lamp is multifunctional and the perfect lamp for your baby or childrens bedroom.

The Autofade lamp can be set at a very low setting for night time feeding, enough for you to see clearly but not too bright to keep others awake, it can be left on continuously, always stays cool to the touch, or it can be set to go off automatically thus helping your child to become accustomed to their darkening room.

This unique Autofade Bedside lamp combines a conventional touch sensitive dimmer switch with an ingenious fading function which when activated will gradually dim the lamp to off over a 15 minute period.

The gentle dimming effect of the Autofade Bedside Lamp will build your childs confidence and help them to overcome their fear of the dark.

The Babytec Autofade Bedside Lamp was designed to firstly help mum take those night time trips during pregnancy throught to then helping your child get used to sleeping in a bedroom with their lights turned off.

Simply touch the bottom sensor and the light will come on at full intensity, this is the full brightness of our lamp and can be left at this level indefinately if you want to use the lamp for reading or just to be left on in the bedroom.

By simply holding your finger on the bottom sensor you can then decreased the light level to any lower setting, whatever setting you require, this is ideal if you want to leave the light to help you when waking up in the night and not having to turn the main bedroom lights on waking others.

Once this setting has been set the lamp will even remeber the level that has been set so that when you next turn the lamp on it will revert back to the setting that you choose.

Just putting your baby to bed,breast feeding,bottle feeding,checking on your baby,night time bathroom trips, our lamp will make doing it all so much easier and convienient for everybody at home.

The Autofade function is simple too, just touch the top sensor and the lamp will automatically start to fade, the lamp will do this gradually over 15 minutes, ideal when putting your baby or child to sleep.

Remember when you were a child and that bedroom light is just turned straight off, instantly form a bright warm bedroom you are now thrown into a cold dark room, well with our light the room slowly gets darker but as it is gradual then your childs eyes get slowly accustomed to the darkening room and this helps then get familiar to this nightly process.



  • If preferred the lamp can be left on continuously overnight.
  • The lamp can be dimmed down and left on at a lower light level if desired. 
  • Once a setting has been preset it will be set in the lamps memory for future use
  • The lamp can be automatically faded over a 15 minute period to off.
  • 25 Watt bulb is included with this lamp.
  • The lamp always remains cool to the touch.
  • Dimensions are 18 cm high x 16 cm wide.
  • Will help children overcome their fear of the darkness.
  • Spare bulbs are also avaibale form us here at 


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